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Don’t Miss Wine & Oyster Weekends at Chatham Vineyards

Wine and oysters and you, together again on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.


Set your reminders for one, two or all three weekends of Winter Wine & Oyster Weekends at Chatham Vineyards at Church Creek.


The dates:


  • January 14-16
  • February 18-20
  • March 18-19


Enjoy a half dozen Seaside and Bayside Eastern Shore oysters (three of each) with a glass of Chatham wine, all for $16.


If you’re a regular at this traditional event, you already know why this is such a revered wine and brine tradition on the Shore. If you’ve never been, you’re in store for a treat. Even if you don’t fancy yourself a foodie, you’ll appreciate Chatham wine and local oysters on the half shell — grown literally a few feet from one another — together for one memorable experience.


These are flavors to savor. Three of the oysters you receive are Bayside Church Creek Corks™, with lower salinity levels and three from the Seaside grown around Hog Island with much higher salinity. Couple each with your favorite Chatham wine — the Steel Chardonnay is always a favorite but choose whatever you like — and you will be able to taste how one complements the other. The oysters have one taste, the wine another, but together two different flavor experiences await.


Reservations are not accepted, though indoor seating is limited on a first come, first-serve basis. Consider making a weekend out of it if you can. Stay at The Farmhouse at Chatham Farm or make reservations at one of the charming B&Bs on the Shore.


Enjoy your pairing outside, too; fire pits outside will keep you toasty. Dress warm and we encourage you to bring the kids, dogs, chairs and blankets.


Can’t stay for the afternoon, but still want to throw your own Wine & Brine experience at your home or rental house? Bags of oysters will be available for sale to-go all weekend long while supplies last.


What grows together goes together deliciously at Chatham Vineyards.

Post By:   Amanda Shortt
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